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Rito Yatashimi is 18 years of age in the last season. She what you would call your tyipical Tsundere. She is also a hot headed girl. She's got quite a temper for such a cute thing. Her closest friend is Riku, is her yuri/yaoi bud. The others are not quite as understanding. She a suprisingly strong character in the series, and always has a reason to pick on others. Besides all that noise, she quite buddy-buddy wih every one. She calls most people she knows by -chan and only call Hitsaguya -sama, just to make fun of her. She also the biggest Otaku you could meet. Out of her friends she watched the most anime. She knows where to buy the best anime items, for awesome discounts. That, and she is almost the Haruhi Suzumiya-like of her group. It seems like she almost has the power to turn her will into fate. Playing RPGS, making anime references, and drawing yuri with Riku is what she's all about.

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Rito Yatashimi

Some attributes
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Other attributes

She's isn't exactly a moe character, but she does have the biological weapon! Her short black hair changes length within every season, which suggests that her hair grows fast. In the OVA she has longer hair. Her yellow eyes set her apart from the rest, and her eyes are angled forword, making her look more elegant than her personality gives away. She very lean and she's not tall but she's not short. Rito has longer legs, not in a way that makes her taller, but that her legs grow out more then her torso. So all in all, she a pretty fine lookin gal! That and you may be lucky if you see her working at her job. A Cosplay Cafe! She has always praised herself on her physical appearance, but she might not be as pretty as she thinks. She's not exactly full over herself, heck-- somtimes she get depressed and might temporarily have a low self esteem, but is normally confident on how she looks. A bad habit of hers is biting her nails and slouching. Could just be L after shock, but she's always done that. Her particular routine is brush her hair very very very often! Maby that's why her hair grows to fast....