She is quite honestly the moe character. She is quiet, respectable, and shy. Kenchatchi is a straight character, and is usually fairly laid back. She is basically adored by her friends 100% of the time. This happens to tick her off. She does call people stupid if they deserve it, and she ignores those who are rude to her. She lives alone, and has a cat. Her life is like a Manzai act. She would be the Tsukkomi, and her friends, the Boke. But doesn't break out the slap sticks. Kenhatchi has a tendency to become obsessed with one anime after the other, and has very nice taste in what she watched. But she's very picky with what she will take her time to enjoy. Rito is on a 9.5/10 on how open she is about anime for example, Kenhatchi: 4/19... Kenhatchi is talented when it comes to collectors items. She is able to spend her money well, but is never able to save money.


Her hair is a light brown, and her eyes are reddish-brown. She is shorter then her friends, except Sakura. She is a very well developed character, and Riku is obviously weird about that. Kenhatchi is modest about her biological features, but gets embarrassed when people over do it. She is usually in her school uniform, even when in public. But can be seen in sweatshirts, with a casual t-shirt underneath. Skirts are normally what she wears, but she does willingly wear jeans. Her hair is down to her neck but it's to her waist line in the OVA. She's a very attractive character, and is fairly shy around people, which honestly is very moe.

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