Personality Edit

She is a girl with energy and spunk, if nothing else. She ready ready to go! Pretty popular and very enjoyable to be around. But when you're tired and just want to be alone... Chiyo... Please, shut your face. But she's very athletic and sporty. Very social and great at mostly everything she does. She and Riku compete during gym, while Rito and Kenhatchi chase each other around. Chiyuki tries to be helpful, but doesn't know when she's done enough, and almost always over does it. She doesn't seem to know when people just want to be left alone. Chiyuki is almost never judgmental and agrees with a lot of things she hears.She doesn't complain about the gym shorts like she others do, and doesn't mind when all eyes are on her. Seems to rise her self esteem. Rito and Kenhatchi get scolded for not being as outgoing as Chiyuki, and she wishes for them to be "happier". Kenhatchi would normally give in, but Rito has a sense of what she's doing. But Chiyuki couldn't be happier with the life she's living.

Appearance Edit

She is even taller than Riku. She normally has very long pinkish light brown wavy hair. Her dark brown eyes go well with her face shape. Her tall appearance makes her hair look even longer then it normally is. She is well in supply of the goods, and she is actually quite pretty looking. So she is popular with the boys. Her waist isn’t the same size as her chest, but is leaner and therefore has a very thin waist. She has an almost model like appearance.

Relationships Edit

Riku They are very buddy buddy, and have known each other since high school started, but have gotten to be very comfortable around each other! Hitsaguya They honestly get into fights casually, but get over it the next day. They both find each other vexing, but they can't be seperated when they strike up a conversation! Rito

They have known each other since middle school, and basically get along pretty well. They can clash heads about anime sometimes, but always end up agreeing on a lot more then they think.

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